An entire collection inspired by the waves, the continuous movement of the waves that produces sinuosity and harmony.

The fabrics chosen: cotton poplin, but also jersey and organza.

The elastic component of the jersey gives even more softness to the garments, wrapping the female forms and enhancing them. Suits, but also shirts, single and overlapping ruffles.

The unbridled strength of Bisso manifests itself in every garment, expresses vigor in every collection and at the same time elegant softness.

The colors chosen are the two musts for the brand: white and black, illuminated by a warm mustard.

Soft, the waves of Bisso seem to float in the air and at times become wings ready to hover in flight.

When the waves close on themselves, they form corollas of flowers that embellish the collection.

The magic of the sea that becomes magic to wear.

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