Where the sea meets the river, when the silk meets cotton, the magic is done. Bisso is like the mermaid song, sweet, seductive and it’s impossible leave when you know it. Collection created with the desire to dress women with a minimal style, but sexy, simple but elegant. Not only essential lines, but above all precius and refined fabrics. Attention to details for a customer who loves an unconventional style. Ruffles, geometric volumes, bias lengths, bi-material items, make each collection special in different way. Black and white is thread, the essential of the style, opposite, two sides of the same coin.

This is Bisso’s woman……not ordinary, not just one style, a mermaid and a geisha. A dualism that will never ends. Brush strokes of color: peach, yellow, red and the noble gold and silver makes shimmering every woman, every day.

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