World of bisso


Bisso Milano Srls was founded in 2015. The brand’s history begins when the manufacturers of shirts Antonio Piccolo and Enrico Mobilia decided to create a new brand. From the ancient history of the homonymous fabric Bisso was named. The Founders aims to create a brand that combine sartorial tradition and innovation. Thanks to the experience and the expertise of its founders, Bisso Milano guarantees excellent quality workmanship and raw materials research. Inspired by the various art forms and relying on a centuries-old tradition of producing bespoke shirts that use tissues of high craftsmanship, Bisso Milano succeed in the international market with extreme sensibility in the forms.


The goal of the project at the beginning was the shirt, it interpreted as the actual product that is inspired by the contemporary world, working on the search for forms and materials that deviate from the classical conception of clothing. The soft colors and prints blend with each other recalling atmospheres that we find in nature. The impression that the brand wants to give is extremely refined and sophisticated and follows a minimalist with a careful eye to detail. Bisso Milano is a versatile collection that has grown over time becoming a total look. Dedicated to the day and evening, convenient and comfortable, yet elegant and luxurious this is Bisso.


Bisso is a textile fiber of animal and marine origin whose birth finds its roots in mythology reaching up to Mesopotamia. Also called Silk of the Sea the Bisso shines with golden light if it is exposed to the sun, in dim light its reflections become bronze until it becomes almost invisible against the light. The Bisso is the fulcrum from which all collections are inspired by using only precious fabrics that float on the bodies and caress them with a soft touch.